Eric Benet Talks Crying Men, Seventies Soul, and New Album

If Eric Benét’s newest single “Sometimes I Cry” is any indication of what is to come on his forthcoming album Lost In Time, due out November 30th, then we can expect soulful greatness packed with emotion and wrapped in passion.  He is the epitome of a man in touch with his feelings and this album is a kind of tell all, but he is no writer of novels. Instead he opts to release his feelings through song and does it in the most beautiful way. He paints his words and uses live instruments as his canvas. This time around, he wants you to feel what he is saying and not just hear it.  He recently kicked off a two-month nationwide tour with Fantasia taking his passion on the road. Parlé Magazine had the pleasure of a personal conversation with him to get inside the mastermind behind the music and dissect his many inspirations. … Read more at