REVELATIONS: Finding Opportunity in Life’s Journey

We waited, the man and I, outside the courtroom for paperwork to be drawn up, and a court date set. Me, sitting on a bench, sipping cold coffee. Him, pacing the floor in front of me, talking on his phone to…someone…about what had just transpired. In that moment, I remembered how every area of my life is considered, and balanced. Physically, I try to eat healthy, organic foods, littIe sugar; and run consistently. Mentally, I feed my mind stimulating myself daily with writers like Toni Morrison and James Baldwin. My daily devotionalbegins my day. Time spent in my Bible ends it.  Emotionally, I fill my downtime enjoying my children, having drinks with friends –real friends. I strive to excel in my career, manage my finances, and build a life for myself that would prove an inspiration to others. I seek to always be fulfilling a purpose, all the while strengthening an intimate relationship with the Lord, asking for his guidance and trying to follow his lead… Read more at