FOR GENTLEMEN ONLY: How to Make a Sophisticated Drink for a Special Lady

A man’s choice in drink is a sign of maturity.

Just as a man’s ability to discern a woman’s desires comes with experience, his behavior is adjusted accordingly. The at-home dinner date provides an opportunity for him to show just how far he’s come in his journey from a boy to a man. The man as the hunter, protector, and the provider often seeks to please the woman to lure her into his good graces. As he matures, his home evolves from the unkempt bachelor’s pad to a well designed gentleman’s abode. Toilet paper always stocked, candles tucked away, mood music on hand in anticipation of a woman. His cologne is a fragrance that attracts. If he can’t cook, he orders in. The choice in cuisine is always hers to make. But the beverage of choice sometimes gets lost in between his search for Usher’s latest cd and the menu for that Indian restaurant.