In Love and Relationships: The Four Lessons I’ll Take On My Journey

Our minds have a lot to do with where we allow our lives to take us and the kind of relationships we are inclined to have.  A writer I enjoy, Michelle McKinney Hammond, once told me that self mastery says, I am the boss of me. I make decisions that the rest of me follows to my betterment.

When you look at your life, as a series of years, like a book sectioned into chapters, it is much easier to see the road you’ve traveled, your blessings, and your failures that give way to blessings that make life all the more fulfilling.

In love, the journey is all about trial and error. Yet, when we err, we err on the side of being too vulnerable, too loving, too giving, and too passionate. Thus far, 2012 has brought people into my life who have changed me for the better. Even those who have hurt me have really helped me because, in them, I’ve uncovered four lessons to take with me for my journey…

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