Hip Hop Group, Voice, Have the Audacity to Stand Out

“Swagger with some content. Something you can bop to.”  Nick Vibes, one third of the Louisville, Kentucky Hip-Hop group, Voice, defined their music well with this line from their single “What Chu Sed.” Webster’s dictionary defines an anomaly as an irregularity or something that deviates from the normal expectations. Nick Vibes, Dre Vice, and Suave Duave have entitled their upcoming albumThe Anomaly in an attempt to alert their audience of the new approach they bring to music. Their lyrics are witty and socially relevant. Their music is easy to listen to and the undeniably attractive members are quite easy to look at. These artists are on the verge of something big and Parlé Magazine wanted a piece of the action. We caught up with Nick Vibes and Dre Vice to understand where they get the audacity to stand out… Read more at ParleMagazine.com