Submission Is For Men Too

I loved this little piece from Chris Kazi Rolle. Thoughtful and Inspiring…  Sourced from Contrary to popular belief, submission is for men too. It’s impossible to experience love at the deepest level without both parties being submissive. When two people give of themselves it takes the relationship higher. When only one person submits, there will always […]

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God Hears Your Super Bowl Prayers?

Sourced from Christianity Today NFL fans know it’s nearly impossible to get through a football game without reference to God. Whether Tebowing on the sidelines, giving a shoutout on ESPN, or pointing to heaven after a touchdown, plenty of players recognize that God’s a part of the game. Christians need to stop acting like that’s […]

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5 Things I Know For Sure

1. Life is about relationships, not money.   2. Never take anything too seriously. At even the darkest times, it’s not that bad.   3. Everyone fights a battle at some point in their life. Everyone. Whether you can see it or not.   4. Cheese and bacon makes everything taste better.   5. God […]

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