This is Who I Am

I am a forever evolving student of life. By day, I work in academia. My professionalism, tact, soft skills, and EQ have lent me many opportunities to learn from and grow with people. By night, I document my life in prose. I believe wholeheartedly in telling stories through art and the written word that allow an […]

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Watch… You Will See

Jesus was 33 when he died. There is something enchanting about that. I feel old. Probably because many people I meet are younger than me and things didn’t used to be this way. But still, I feel like I have so much life left to live. Here are my reflections on my 33rd year of life and my wonders for my 34th.

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If You Can Do This, You Can Win Her Heart

I heard Eve say something profound in an interview once about her now husband. I mean I think we were all wondering because we have to admit the pairing surprised us. Eve, the Philadelphia stripper turned Ruff Ryder rapper ended up with an extremely white British guy with four white kids and a white ex-wife. Race aside, love is what I’m always rooting for but if we’re honest, we all noticed the pairing was odd. He has millions but she’s not exactly struggling herself so what was it?

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The Single Parent Solution

My 8-year-old twins have a problem. There are three sides to the story. The Black Family in America has suffered tremendous setbacks since our arrival over 400 years ago. In recent decades, some, like Bill Cosby in his infamous  2004 comments and subsequent book “Come On People,” have placed the blame on the black community, […]

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