This is Why I Do It

all the same

From Sabrina

I read your article on the Huffington post and I felt like you were telling my story. It feels good to know someone out there felt the same way I did, but still managed to take care of business and later learn that what everyone else thinks really doesnt matter as long as we are happy. I bought a one way ticket to Hawaii in 2006 to be with my bestfriend and get my Social work degree. I never finished and came home to my parents in Florida 4 months pregnant..head hanging down knowing how disappointed they were. I moved out eventually and struggled but still managed to maintain a nice roof over our head, food in the fridge and clothes on our back. My son never even realized money was tight. My parents are still judgemental..but i finally woke up and said to myself .. I will never make them 100% happy thats impossible..and it adds more stress to my life as well trying to please them. I have my own family to take care of now and need to remain focused on that. After repeating that a million times and praying I feel like a weight has lifted. I’m looking forward to reading your book! Thank you for sharing your experience. smile emoticon

Take care and God bless

From Kera

Your story is similar to my life but I am probably a little older than you. The best summer of my life was with the love of my life and as fate has it we NOW live 30 miles apart both divorced and still have a spark but time 22 years, and life keeps us not far apart but not together. It never ever goes away but as you know life goes on and you learn to love the one you are with. I married my son’s father and we made it for a few years but my heart never replaced the unique feeling I have only shared with him. Until you wrote this I never thought anyone could relate to that feeling of what might have been. Again THANK YOU FOR SHARING… I WISH YOUR HEART PEACE. KERA

From Mehnaz

I read your post ” i fell in love carrying another mans child” I hav been in a situation too. In love with another man, while being married to another man and having a child. Today we are far apart. No contact, bcoz he married someone else Just like you , i wonder if he could again have those feelings that he had for me. How can he live without me, though still think of him everyday I wish someone would answer my mysteries. I wish he would come back one day to tell me that i was only his true love ( heart broken)

From Leng

“I Fell In Love Carrying Another Man’s Child” brought me to tears when i read this part, ” There was an easiness, a kind of living for the moment that I hadn’t felt anywhere else. He was present with me and I with him. When my fears of the future got the best of me, he would hold my chin and remind me everything was going to be okay.”

From Lamine

Hello Herina, I just read your story “I Fell In Love Carrying Another Man’s Child” and found it very touching. There are people that we meet in life and fall in love with but not meant to be with that person for some reasons. I think we all run to situations like that at some point in our life. I think after that we do live with that nice souvenir and the thought of that person should always put a smile in our face and brighten our day. I hope everything is going well for you as I am sure all that periodd of your life must not been easy but Life is full of experiences and even the worst one are teaching us plenty and we should always grab the positive things of life and live life gratefully. Take good care

From Jason

Good stuff at … I think I’m a fan. I know I don’t have to tell you, but keep writing.

From Andrea

You’re articles are so touching and relatable. Keep doing what you do

From Craig

Read your column in Huffpo, just now. Well done phenominal woman…well done.

From Ashleigh

Hello , I don’t know you . I actually don’t remember how I stumbled on ur page . But I’ve been so inspired by ur posts . Please continue to write ! Even if it’s just on fb ! It has been very encouraging.