How I Learned to Trust Again…

My 7‑year-old son, Jere­mi­ah, has been suck­ing his thumb since birth. When he began devel­op­ing teeth, a cal­lous start­ed form­ing on his thumb in the area where teeth hit skin. About that same time I began devel­op­ing a very pla­ton­ic friend­ship with a man I met at church. It was slow at first, a brief […]

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The “A” Word

Con­ser­v­a­tives, in the­o­ry, are staunch pro-life activists, abhor­ring a woman’s right to choose, label­ing any and every preg­nan­cy a bless­ing from God. They are also, more often than not, anti-abor­­tion and pro-death penal­ty. They don’t believe in killing peo­ple until they’re actu­al­ly born. …Read more at Clutch Magazine.

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TDI-132 Shows Promising Results In the Treatment of ALS

ALS may be the most dead­ly dis­ease many peo­ple have nev­er heard of. Amy­otroph­ic lat­er­al scle­ro­sis (ALS), also referred to as Lou Gehrig’s dis­ease affects at least 30,000 peo­ple in the Unit­ed States and 450,000 peo­ple world­wide.  It is a pro­gres­sive neu­rode­gen­er­a­tive dis­or­der that caus­es mus­cle atro­phy, paral­y­sis, and ulti­mate­ly death with a three to five year […]

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Immunotherapy Trains the Immune System to Attack Cancer Cells

Immunother­a­py is the new black when it comes to treat­ing Can­cer, rais­ing hope in con­quer­ing this age old ill­ness. Treat­ing infec­tious dis­ease using the body’s own defens­es oper­ates under the premise that the body is able to retain mem­o­ry to guard against dis­ease. Can­cer immunother­a­py oper­ates under a sim­i­lar premise. The Wall Street Jour­nal recently […]

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A Decade of War Pushes PTSD To the Forefront in Healthcare Concerns

Vet­er­ans are often viewed as exhibit­ing brav­ery and val­or in the face of dan­ger, all in hon­or of uni­ty.  But it is not uncom­mon for many of them to end up des­ti­tute, and strick­en with men­tal ill­ness and social with­draw­al stem­ming from their days in bat­tle, expe­ri­enc­ing death as often as one might expe­ri­ence breakfast. […]

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Birth Control For Men: Could it Work?

With the intro­duc­tion of the birth con­trol pill in the ear­ly 1960s, women were final­ly able enjoy the free­dom to have sex with­out the fear of an unwant­ed preg­nan­cy. But men may not be so inclined to take such a med­ica­tion. Psy­chother­a­pist and rela­tion­ship expert, Mary Pen­der Greene says, “Men in gen­er­al are very com­mit­ted to the idea […]

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