A Game Every Child Should Play

“Chess is in many ways like life itself. It’s all con­densed in a play­ful man­ner in a game for­mat and it’s extreme­ly fas­ci­nat­ing because, first of all, I’m in con­trol of my own des­tiny, I’m in charge. You have to be respon­si­ble for your actions, you make a move, you had bet­ter think ahead about […]

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Are My Children Racist?

The idea of race is a fig­ment of our imag­i­na­tion. Sci­en­tists rec­og­nize it as a social con­struc­tion rather than a bio­log­i­cal one, yet few peo­ple ques­tion its exis­tence. Like choco­late, peo­ple range in hue from shades of dark choco­late, to milk choco­late, to white choco­late, but any choco­late lover appre­ci­ates them all. God set us […]

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Courtroom Tug-of-War

I’ve lived two lives. The for­mer was one rid­dled with despair, wor­ry and con­stant frus­tra­tion. The begin­ning of adult­hood for me was a bite much big­ger than I could chew. Just 22 years old, a new moth­er of twins fin­ish­ing a BA at NYU, I found myself in the mid­dle of a cus­tody bat­tle with […]

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