A Game Every Child Should Play

“Chess is in many ways like life itself. It’s all condensed in a playful manner in a game format and it’s extremely fascinating because, first of all, I’m in control of my own destiny, I’m in charge. You have to be responsible for your actions, you make a move, you had better think ahead about […]

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Are My Children Racist?

The idea of race is a figment of our imagination. Scientists recognize it as a social construction rather than a biological one, yet few people question its existence. Like chocolate, people range in hue from shades of dark chocolate, to milk chocolate, to white chocolate, but any chocolate lover appreciates them all. God set us […]

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Courtroom Tug-of-War

I’ve lived two lives. The former was one riddled with despair, worry and constant frustration. The beginning of adulthood for me was a bite much bigger than I could chew. Just 22 years old, a new mother of twins finishing a BA at NYU, I found myself in the middle of a custody battle with […]

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