The Novel

bookWhen Kericho Blu becomes a young mother of twins as a result of an unplanned pregnancy while abroad in Ghana, she attempts to navigate through life alone, uncovering curses and blessings from her ancestors that began with a brutal beating of her 7 year old uncle.

A sinister and psychological tale, the story is largely a coming-of-age journey that criss crosses through Kericho’s childhood, teenage years, and present day to reveal how her past has shaped her and the integral members of her story. There is Sunday Blu, her older sister and confidant with a tiny rose for a belly button. Grace Blu, her mother, has suffered the loss of her younger brother, Jamie, by his own hands and has become hard set in her ways. Lemuel Blu is Kericho’s gentle Kenyan father and her only saving grace. When he becomes fatally ill, she loses hope, her trust in God, and her emotional sanity as she battles mental illness, toxic love affairs, financial strain, and sexual promiscuity until she soon discovers that nothing is at it seems.

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