To The Modern Gentleman

I don’t know if men have a personal vendetta against women or if the good ones really are an endangered species, soon to be extinct. Whatever the case, I still like to think I’ll choose better next time. No, this is not another sad love song about men and their shortcomings, but an exposé, if […]

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Birth Control For Men: Could it Work?

With the introduction of the birth control pill in the early 1960s, women were finally able enjoy the freedom to have sex without the fear of an unwanted pregnancy. But men may not be so inclined to take such a medication. Psychotherapist and relationship expert, Mary Pender Greene says, “Men in general are very committed to the idea that being able to reproduce has a lot to do with how successful they are as men. Regardless of culture, men have historically been looked to for producing offspring. It’s a big deal.”


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