This is Who I Am

in her elementI am a forever evolving student of life. By day, I work in academia. My professionalism, tact, soft skills, and EQ have lent me many opportunities to learn from and grow with people.

By night, I document my life in prose. I believe wholeheartedly in telling stories through art and the written word that allow an audience to have a new experience. I learn more and more about people and the world daily and use my professional work as an avenue to put this knowledge to use helping others and engaging in discussions that promote progress. I’m a people person prioritizing, first, interpersonal relationships, that indeed make the world go round.

A writer at the core, I have been able to marry my love of the corporate world with my writing skills.

Ever since I learned how to hold a pencil, I’ve created art on canvas. The things I see, hear, feel, and experience form my springboard and my goal is always to allow my reader to not only hear what I have to say but to experience it too. The things you’ll read here form a story of my life. My reflections, my musings, my experiences illustrate evolution. What I thought then may not be what I think now. My ways of being then may not be my ways of being now because I am always changing, always learning and always growing. In fact, anything not growing is dead. I am proud to look back and see evidence of the growth. That is why I document my life.

I am not nor do I claim to have it all together. I am a real person. I fall. I get up. I fall again. Some people say what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. That’s alright but I prefer what doesn’t kill you, makes you useful. If my words and experiences can be inspiration, encouragement or comfort for another, I’ve lived my life well. I am forever a work in progress. Life is a journey. I like to take the scenic route.

Find my work in the Huffington Post,, Mommy Noire, Clutch Magazine, and The Root. My first novel titled The Content of Things Undone is steadily in the works. I blog sometimes too.