When you dig deep, you’ll find that both vic­tim and per­pe­tra­tor were fight­ing silent bat­tles When I was 22, I spent a night in jail for cred­it card fraud. I was a moth­er to six-month-old twins, unwed, and an under­grad in col­lege. My for­mer part­ner and the father of my chil­dren had not paid child […]


Just Human: Black stories are most rewarded when they center blackness — which, in a certain sense, is to center whiteness

It is a cool autumn morn­ing and I am perched on my couch, a cof­fee cup near­by, a few pages into Clau­dia Rankine’s newest book, Just Us: An Amer­i­can Con­ver­sa­tion. My 14-year-old son saun­ters in and asks what I am read­ing when I look up over the brim to tell him: “It’s a book on race by […]

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Watch… You Will See

Jesus was 33 when he died. There is some­thing enchant­i­ng about that. I feel old. Prob­a­bly because many peo­ple I meet are younger than me and things didn’t used to be this way. But still, I feel like I have so much life left to live. Here are my reflec­tions on my 33rd year of life and my won­ders for my 34th.

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The Single Parent Solution

My 8‑year-old twins have a prob­lem. There are three sides to the sto­ry. The Black Fam­i­ly in Amer­i­ca has suf­fered tremen­dous set­backs since our arrival over 400 years ago. In recent decades, some, like Bill Cos­by in his infa­mous  2004 com­ments and sub­se­quent book “Come On Peo­ple,” have placed the blame on the black com­mu­ni­ty, itself, […]

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Hitler: Before He Met the Devil

     He was 9 years old when the offi­cer brought the news. The knock was strong and hard and his father’s foot­steps were heavy on the wood­en floor­boards. The door swung open and the fog­gy night air brought with it, a dense mois­ture, the thick smell of dying things and the dev­il. Klara […]

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