Submission Is For Men Too

I loved this lit­tle piece from Chris Kazi Rolle. Thought­ful and Inspir­ing…  Sourced from Con­trary to pop­u­lar belief, sub­mis­sion is for men too. It’s impos­si­ble to expe­ri­ence love at the deep­est lev­el with­out both par­ties being sub­mis­sive. When two peo­ple give of them­selves it takes the rela­tion­ship high­er. When only one per­son sub­mits, there will always be […]

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God Hears Your Super Bowl Prayers?

Sourced from Chris­tian­i­ty Today NFL fans know it’s near­ly impos­si­ble to get through a foot­ball game with­out ref­er­ence to God. Whether Tebow­ing on the side­lines, giv­ing a shoutout on ESPN, or point­ing to heav­en after a touch­down, plen­ty of play­ers rec­og­nize that God’s a part of the game. Chris­tians need to stop act­ing like that’s a bad […]

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5 Things I Know For Sure

1. Life is about rela­tion­ships, not mon­ey.   2. Nev­er take any­thing too seri­ous­ly. At even the dark­est times, it’s not that bad.   3. Every­one fights a bat­tle at some point in their life. Every­one. Whether you can see it or not.   4. Cheese and bacon makes every­thing taste bet­ter.   5. God is real.

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20 Things I Hope To Teach My Sons

1. Love and pro­tect your broth­er. Always. 2. Under­stand that how­ev­er you feel right now, your feel­ings are like­ly to change. 3. To the best of your abil­i­ty, hon­or your word. 4. Nev­er hold on to griev­ances. Take noth­ing per­son­al­ly. Life is but a dream. We’re not real­ly here, we’re just fig­ments of Gods imag­i­na­tion. 5. […]

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Love Feels Like…

Have you ever been so in love with some­one that you’re con­vinced that no one in the world is as lucky as you? You’re con­vinced that some­how God saw it fit to bless you at this time and in this way…in such a way that he has nev­er blessed any­one else ever, and brought a man […]

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Please Baby Please Light My Fire

Writ­ing used to come much eas­i­er for me. Thoughts invad­ed my mind late in the mid­night hours, obstruct­ing my sleep, beck­on­ing me to get out of bed, turn on my lap­top and get them all down on paper, in con­crete before they left me, nev­er to be seen or heard from again. I used to enjoy […]

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