Submission Is For Men Too

I loved this little piece from Chris Kazi Rolle. Thoughtful and Inspiring…  Sourced from Contrary to popular belief, submission is for men too. It’s impossible to experience love at the deepest level without both parties being submissive. When two people give of themselves it takes the relationship higher. When only one person submits, there will always […]

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Love Feels Like…

Have you ever been so in love with someone that you’re convinced that no one in the world is as lucky as you? You’re convinced that somehow God saw it fit to bless you at this time and in this way…in such a way that he has never blessed anyone else ever, and brought a man […]

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Confessions: Lost Him Found Myself

It was in the nights I spent letting my tears trickle onto my lavender pillows, that I often wondered why Apple never created an app for heartbreak.  iHurt seemed like a fitting name. The idea could hardly be novel in this time when anyone with internet access could upload, download, or Google all of life’s answers if they […]

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