Disney Celebrates Black History Month With “We Are Doc McStuffins”

If you ask a kid, any kid, to name a famous bas­ket­ball play­er, you’re more than like­ly to see the kid light up with excite­ment, maybe dunk an imag­i­nary b‑ball and run off names with a smirk like Lebron James, Kobe Bryant, Jor­dan, even if they know the lat­ter only by his sneak­ers.  Ask the lit­tle one to name a singer: “Bey­once”, “Wil­low Smith”, “Nic­ki Minaj.”  Now ask her to name a famous Black doctor.

If the year was 1989, she might say “Dr. Huxtable.”  In 2013, you’ll hear crick­ets…Read more at EBONY.com