5 Ways We Lose the Life We Would Have Loved

My favorite place in the world is not on an island beach. It’s not at an Egypt­ian spa or even in the soft caress of a man’s arms. My favorite place… is my bedroom.

It’s serene. I paint­ed the walls a sub­tle shade of grey and installed a light dim­mer to get the per­fect light­ing to end the day, on my back nes­tled on top of my satin sheets, star­ing at the ceil­ing and imag­in­ing the day’s events past­ed there for my review.

When I go over my own life and the lives of many of my friends, I notice such a dis­crep­an­cy between true pas­sion and prac­ti­cal liv­ing. I grad­u­at­ed from col­lege and set out to achieve my heart’s desires. One job led to the next and with each posi­tion I felt less than ful­filled, watch­ing my career tra­jec­to­ry head too far away from my goals. Then one night lay­ing in my Zen, talk­ing to God, and study­ing myself, I decid­ed to become an active par­tic­i­pant in my life, demand­ing from it what I want­ed instead of blind­ly accept­ing what it pre­sent­ed me with. Con­ve­nient­ly, around this time, I lost my job. I was­n’t that into it any­way. I want­ed to work again, to sink my teeth into some­thing I loved but I vowed not to make the same mis­takes over and find myself in an office cubi­cle watch­ing the clock until lunch.

1. Most of us accept posi­tions out of des­per­a­tion instead of hold­ing out for what we real­ly want

2014-02-08-Corbis4220042126.jpgIt is true that we have real prob­lems and things cost real mon­ey. That is not some­thing that can be ignored, but my faith remind­ed me that a job is not a source of sus­te­nance, it’s only a resource. My source of income had­n’t changed. Heav­en has always been on my side. So instead of wor­ry­ing about my next pay­check, I .… read more at The Huff­in­g­ton Post.